Morning Fresh Automatic Dishwashing 450ml Rinse aid

Morning Fresh Automatic Dishwashing 450ml Rinse aid

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Morning Fresh has been cleaning family dishes world-wide since 1980. Whether you wash your dishes by hand or in the dishwasher, Morning Fresh’s grease cutting power gives you guaranteed performance time and time again. Our super concentrated liquid and powder use only the smallest amount to make washing up a breeze so you can get on with doing the things you enjoy.

  • Morning Fresh super concentrated dishwashing liquid
  • Morning Fresh Super concentrate dishwasher powder
  • Morning Fresh Dishwasher Gel
  • Morning Fresh Rinse Aid
  • Morning Fresh multi-purpose cleaning detergent (African market)
  • Morning Fresh Auto-diswasher Liquid Capsules

Morning fresh is Nigeria’s number 1 dish wash brand with over 2 decades of relevant existence and consistent delivery on brand promise.

With PZ’s expertise and experience in the Nigerian market, Morning Fresh is specially produced to tackle with ease, every kind of food stain – especially our local delicacies. The brand promises to deliver superior kitchen cleaning performance clearly evident in squeaky clean results that can be seen, smelled, felt & touched.

Every drop of Morning Fresh contains the power to clean so much more dishes than ordinary dish wash liquids.

The brand offers its esteemed consumers wide range of choices in its product offerings. These are available in 3 variants – Original fresh, Zesty Lemon & antibacterial which also come in several pack sizes to meet your specific.

  • Bottle Size: 450ml
  • Super Concentrate formula
  • Removes oil grease, and tough stains
  • Freshly Fragranced
  • Suitable for porcelain, plastic & acrylic, stainless
  • Superior Grease cutting ability
  • Super Concentrated
  • Tough on grease
  • One squirt is enough
  • Recyclable Bottle
  • Handy & Trendy Pack
  • Gentle on Hand
  • Rich lather
  • Fresh Fragrance
  • Last Longer
  • Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid with super concentrate has led the pack in the dishwashing market; ensuring families have cleaner and fresher dishes meal after meal. You can count on the Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid power to give you fantastic performance over and over again with the tiniest drop that gets the job done with speed. It is suitable for porcelain, plastics, acrylics and stainless. It removes oil, grease and tough stains also leaving a fresh fragrance. Works great on cookware, stainless steel, crockery and even BBQ.
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