PNAMS Company (Pvt) Ltd



PNAMS our Distribution partners along with our Our marketing division, has always striven to maintain and distribution division assisted adding more vigor to it’s activities in maintaining uninterrupted, and continuous distribution of supplies throughout our business and retail network. PNAMS maintains an own fleet of , through their fleet of delivery vehicles supported by , sales personneal and assistants to ensure island wide distribution of all our products. Fuelled by a strong marketing and sales strategies, Premasiri stores and PNAMS have maintained leadership positions for their brands for decades. It was the earnest dedication, support and untiring efforts made by late Mr. Premasiri Hettiarachchi who saw us though these 70 years as a recognized and sound trading establishment. Following his demise in 2017, The business continues under the guidance and supervision of his family members he groomed for years under his tutelage.

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