Our Vision

“To be the trusted supplier of the best products from around the world.”

Our Mission

“Caring for and meeting your needs always.” “Seven decades of unparalled service to Sri Lankans”

Premasiri Stores situated in Gas Works Street, Pettah, Colombo 11 was founded by the Late Mr. K. D. Premasiri Hettiarachchi in the year 1952. It was his desire and vision to serve customers patronizing Messers.

Premasiri Stores has the best products from around the world. To date, this is the policy we adhere to. Through years we have satisfied our numerous customers through our value proposition of “caring for your needs”, strengthening our relationship with them which in turn helped us expand venture into new avenues. Our decades of relationship building have helped us capture a variety of markets including the hotel industry for which we have been appointed sole agents for a variety of premium global products. We are extremely proud and honored to be sole agents since then, for Bigen Hair Color Products since 1981, Archibald Honey, Food Items, Toiletries & Detergents from Australia, Meyenberg Powdered Goat Milk Products from U.S.A., Taris Brand Olive Oil from Turkey, Moroccan oil Hair Care Treatment Products from U.S.A., just to name a few.

In keeping with our company vision, “caring for the needs” of our customers, we have increased our retail penetration entering modern trade facilitating. The procurement of our world class products have expanded further introducing our product availability to be purchased off the shelves at all modern trade outlets in the city and suburbs, which made purchasing for our valued customers even much convenient and easier achieving excellent results of an extensive and wider popularity and volume in sales.

PNAMS our Distribution partners along with our marketing division, has always striven to maintain and distribution division assisted adding more vigor to its activities in maintaining uninterrupted, and continuous distribution of supplies throughout our business and retail network. PNAMS maintains an own fleet of, through their fleet of delivery vehicles supported by , sales personnel and assistants to ensure island wide distribution of all our products. Fueled by a strong marketing and sales strategies, Premasiri stores and PNAMS have maintained leadership positions for their brands for decades.

It was the earnest dedication, support and untiring efforts made by late Mr. Premasiri Hettiarachchi who saw us though these 70 years as a recognized and sound trading establishment. Following his demise in 2017, The business continues under the guidance and supervision of his family members he groomed for years under his tutelage

Mr. Premasiri Hettiarachchi

The Late Mr. Premasiri himself continued to explore business opportunities internationally. He was an active member of the Sri Lanka Trade and Business Council. In August 1977, he was one of six delegates who met Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali (Trade minister at the time) for round table discussions. By the 1980’s, he was exporting well over 150 diff­erent types of products from at least twenty diff­erent countries. After importing directly from the various international suppliers, Mr. Premasiri Hettiarachchi then used his transport network to distribute these goods to dealers’ island-wide, on both wholesale and retail basis. He also managed to secure the sole agency for Bigen Hair Dye products from Hoyu Co Ltd based in Nagoya, Japan as well as Meyenberg Goat Milk Powder from Jackson- Mitchell Inc, in California, USA. Mr. Premasiri Hettiarachchi, the founder of the Premasiri Group, reacts on the success of the group and attributes this to his firm principle that “the needs of a customer should be met and not exploited”. He taught this to his brothers who operated Premasiri Super Market in Kollupitiya and Premasiri Florists in Bambalapitiya and the other siblings who built their success and business operations on these values. On 5 June 2021, the Premasiri Group proudly celebrated 69 years of continued success, from their modest beginnings. Mr. Premasiri Hettiarachchi was an exemplary character and he often worked long hours returning home after 7 pm on most evenings. He was a man of strong principles, always focusing on his work, and never one to tolerate idle chatter or gossip.

He was disciplined, organized and meticulous, with a fine eye for attention and detail. He was ambitious and hardworking and never left any unfinished business lingering. What was due today had to be completed today and not be carried over to the next day. He was a man of strong principles and ethics, religious, with social responsibility. He was exceptionally kind and caring to all his staff­ and always put the needs of his employees first. His staff­ too has been exceptionally loyal, many of them being in continuous service for twenty to forty years.

Core Team

lleperumarachchi Nandawathie
Dias Hettiarachchi


Bachelor of Arts (Special), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1971

Anusha Hettiarachchi

Managing Partner

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Postgraduate Institute of Management
(PIM), University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka. Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (FCMA) and (CGMA), U.K. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com-Second Upper Class), University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka



BEng (DIS) Chemical Engineering
Loughborough University UK
Loreal Company UK (Demand and Supply Planning) intern