Anusha Handicrafts


Anusha Handicrafts

Anusha Handicrafts commenced operations twenty seven years ago and today has won the hearts of its customers here in Sri Lanka as well as of many around the world. On the morning of July 20th , 1976 at 8:16 am, the proprietors of this family handicraft establishment, Mr. and Mrs. Premasiri Hettiarachchi opened doors of Anusha Handicrafts Tourist Centre to the public.

From modest beginnings of just one employee Mrs. Nanda Hettiarachchi, Managing Partner, Anusha Handicrafts has developed the business into its present position employing eight sales assistants and the operation of a factory situated in Galle, which in turn provides employment to many villagers through engagement in this cottage industry. The staff at Anusha Handicraft is known for their courteous service and their knowledge of the trade, which has kept this establishment ahead of its competition. Furthermore, their after-sales remain unmatched in the industry.

The Factory in Galle produces all of our hand-made wooden products such as elephants, creative figures, sculptures and many other intricate carvings and statues. These wooden products created by our craftsmen are 100% hand-made and are well seasoned to suit any climatic condition both here and abroad.

In 1992, this retail establishment spread its wings by buying over the adjoining business entity to add Brass and Silver products, Batik paintings and other items to its portfolio. Once again all these items are handmade individually depicting Sri Lankan heritage. Anusha handicrafts is one of the very first ventures to build a backward integrated supply chain of artisans empowering them economically.

On January 18, 2002 Anusha Handicrafts further diversified its business opening a subsidiary at Edmond Hettiarachchi Building, No. 02, Joseph Lane, Bambalapitiya under the name Edmond Handicrafts to cater to customers who live south of the city of Colombo. This business is managed by Mrs. Samitha Hettiarachchi Perera, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Premasiri Hettiarachchi.

Great care is taken in the production of Anusha Handicrafts which go through stringent quality checks to provide a final product of great artistic value reflective of our island’s rich history.

Ansha Handicraft is blessed with a large customer base, which consists of the Diplomatic community, Expatriates, Migrants and quality conscious Sri Lankans. In addition, many tourists as well as Sri Lankans who travel abroad patronize Anusha and Edmond handicrafts for quality handicrafts. Anusha Handicrafts and Edmon handicrafts stock the largest collection of curios and handicrafts in the island. Today, Anusha Handicrafts has won the admiration and hearts of all its customers due to its superior standing in the business community and its position as the premier handicraft shop in the city. Today, Anusha Handicrafts has won the admiration and hearts of all its customers due to its superior standing in the business community and the premier handicraft shop in the city.