Edmond Handicrafts


Edmond Handicrafts

Established on the 18th of October 2001 to meet growing demand in the newly commercialized Bambalapitiya area, Edmond Handicrafts formally opened its doors for business under the management of Mrs. Samitha Hettiarachchi Perera under the tutelage of her mother Mrs. Nanda Hettiarachchi.

The establishment that had to compete with several other businesses in the vicinity soon established itself capturing markets from the old and new businesses capitalizing on the advent of a new clientele both from the within and outside the island to the area specially with the establishment of the two plazas: Unity plaza and Majestic city.

The establishment drawing from the rich experience of Anusha handicrafts sources its products directly from craftsmen a pool of which is constantly sought to maintain its unique and varied portfolio. In turn the business infuses much needed revenue establishing continuous stream of economic sustenance to the crafts people who are at the heart of its products.

Over the years the business, under the direction of Samitha Hettiarachchi Perera has reached out to several overseas markets such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India too. Locally it has begun to distribute and make available its products through modern trade in certain and specific geographies.

Edmond Handicarfts have gained popularity for many products but key among them is the jeweled elephants adorned in a variety of colored stones, only available in Sri Lanka.