Premasiri Supermarket


Premasiri Super Market

Colpetty or Kollupitiya has in recent years become one of the busiest areas in the country for seasonal shoppers during the month of December. It was not the case in the olden days when even the wealthy residents of cinnamon Gardens and the diplomatic community were forced to pack the streets of the Pettah and the Fort as all the shops with seasonal goodies were concentrated in that area only.
The change was gradual, and it all began almost sixty years ago when a few visionary traders started setting up outlets in Colpetty. Premasiri Stores was one of the first to establish a grocery store in the heart of the town catering to the large expatriate community and the affluent local residents of the area. In order to compete with the likes of Colombo Apothecaries and other grocery departments of large outlets in the Fort and Pettah it was important to be well stocked with a variety of popular imported items, especially at Christmas time when cake ingredients, canned, in packets and bottled consumables were in demand.
It was not long, before local residents as well as those of Colombo South and the suburbs found it more convenient to purchase their seasonal goodies from Premasiri Stores and it became somewhat of a family tradition, when mothers set off the season with the procurement of all her cake ingredients by November. The whole family would then join her in mid-December to get the ham, cheese, corned beef, green peas, biscuits, chocolates and other goodies besides the father’s favourite brew.
In the mid nineteen-sixties, Premasiri’scommenced packing their own Hampers which soon became popular among the business community as a way of expressing their gratitude to associates and friends in business. Forty-three years on, Premasiri Hampers have grown to be among the most popular not only with the giver but with the receiver as well. It is now a tradition among many of Premasiri customers to present hampers to their business associates who in turn look forward to receiving the traditional gift themselves.